Nero di Seppia

Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia aka squid ink pasta. Its’ actually pasta cooked with the ink of cuttlefish, that’s what Seppia means in Italian and Nero is black. It gives a very robust and buttery flavour that’s usually acceptable by local. Taste wise it is more on the salty side and if you don’t like salty this is not for you. Garlic, white wine, squid ink, tomato sauce and Italian parsley are the main ingredient in the way we do the pasta. Notice that in PocoLoco we only use Italian parsley, which is a kind of parsley that Italian food is using. Its’ more coarsely chopped and the grassy taste blends really well into pasta like squid ink, vongole and so on… squid ink pasta might look scary but dare yourself to try it and you will be loving it!