Pasta con le Barbabietole

“Pasta con le barbabietole” (in English, beetroot noodles) is one of the most classical Italian “Tagliatelle colorate” (coloured noodles). The reddish colour of this kind of pasta is obtained simply by adding some minced beetroots to the dough of “tagliatelle”. The effect is not only visual; beetroots affect the taste of your pasta, though not so much to radically alter it. In PocoLoco, we propose this dish with a seasoning made of small slices of beetroots and olive oil that naturally completes the sophisticated and mild taste of beetroots.

Coloured noodles are common in southern Italy. They are obtained by adding some ingredients to the dough that create an effect as if the pasta has been painted, but this is not absolutely the case.

Once, coloured noodles were handmade. Today, they are made industrially with a consequent better consistency of the final product under the profiles of both the colour and the taste. This is the reason why in PocoLoco we prefer to buy beetroot noodles from some Italian top pasta brands instead of manufacturing them by ourselves.

Coloured noodles are very liked by children in Italy, as they create a merry and happy atmosphere. “Pasta con le barbabietole” (beetroot noodles) could be a great idea if you are coming to PocoLoco with your family.

Coming to wine pairings, beetroot noodles can be paired with any white wine obtained by sauvignon or chardonnay grapes, or with a lightly fruity red wine with a medium body and low acidity like Dolcetto.