Uni Pasta

Japanese people call it “Uni pasta” which is also known as “Sea urchin pasta” and in Italian “Tagliolini ai ricci di mare”

We propose this great recipe of the Sicilian cuisine in its traditional formula: a  dish of “tagliolini” – the kind of pasta that has always been utilized with sea urchins in Italy – topped with one boiled sea urchin, garlic, olive oil and some minced parsley.

In a food review, sea urchins have been described as  “something  between oysters and caviar yet  erotic”. In Italy, they are said to  taste  like the pure essence of the sea , probably for the reason why they absorb a lot of sea water. And their texture – so rich and a bit buttery – is another of their special  features that intrigue  so much even the most exigent palates.

Like any great food concept, this delicious Italian dish  is perfect in itself.  Its culinary minimalism  does not require any further addition or unnecessary  embellishment, as perfection is bare simplicity, after all. Sea urchins have a fresh, delicate  flavor that spices or other seasonings could cover. This is an additional good reason to taste your sea urchin pasta exactly as it has been garnished by our PocoLoco chef. Uni pasta is PocoLoco weekly special for the menu.